• Electric fuel pump

    Continuous fuel supply to the fuel system
    has a certain pressure and flow rate.

    The "heart" of the fuel system

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  • Electric fuel pump assembly

    Provide a good installation and working environment for the electric fuel
    pump to provide fuel with certain pressure and flow to the fuel system.

    Integrated oil level sensor, micro pressure sensor, FLVV valve, rollover valve,
    pressure regulating valve and other auxiliary components to ensure efficient and stable operation of the fuel system.

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  • Oxygen Sensor

    Automobile and motorcycle oxygen sensors, covering the 5 big
    cars in Europe, America and Korea, are 78 automobile brands.
    It is the most developed and complete sensor manufacturer in China.

    The oxygen sensors are installed on the engine exhaust pipe to control the exhaust emission,
    reduce the pollution of the car to the environment and improve the quality of the engine fuel combustion.

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  • Filter

    The main filtration system mainly includes initial filtration and fine filtration

    The initial filtration is in the oil inlet end of the oil pump, which is filtered in the oil outlet of the oil pump.
    The design of the ACHR screen will be reasonably selected according to
    the cleanliness of the oil in the sales area of the product.

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